Battlefield V - Official Launch Maps

In Battlefield V, you’ll fight through the unexplored settings of World War 2 on maps that will challenge your squad in epic multiplayer experiences. Learn about the battlefields of France, Holland, Norway, and North Africa. Battlefield V is out worldwide November 20.
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  1. Radek Seky

    Radek Seky

    13 kun oldin

    "Battlefield will never be the same." Yeah that's what I'm afraid of...

  2. FJV


    7 oy oldin

    "Battlefield will never be the same" you sure nailed that frase there bud

  3. Leonardo Campos Ferreira

    Leonardo Campos Ferreira

    8 oy oldin

    w3r w43ar3wr w3rw

  4. Valmir Bertolino de Almeida

    Valmir Bertolino de Almeida

    8 oy oldin

    wa3r fwa3r w3w3rw3r

  5. Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca

    Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca

    8 oy oldin

    w3r w3r w43raw

  6. Batuhan Karaahmet

    Batuhan Karaahmet

    Yil oldin

    Why changed background photo?

  7. Knine


    Yil oldin

    Is this game worth getting on pc?

    • Ssoto


      9 oy oldin

      No no no

  8. PolarBear


    Yil oldin

    are they on the normal version ? :I

  9. Matheus domingos

    Matheus domingos

    Yil oldin


  10. BerserkerVV


    Yil oldin

    I love to see the year ago comments and compare to this day comments, hahaha we were so innocent.

  11. Juan Gracia Marques

    Juan Gracia Marques

    Yil oldin

    Im having ptsd after fighting at that hangar

  12. menner menner

    menner menner

    Yil oldin

    Whens the dday map coming

  13. Dennis


    Yil oldin

    Even if they wanted untold stories, why didn't they do something with China? Every WWII game seems to ignore China.

    • Kiwi Land

      Kiwi Land

      9 oy oldin

      China was not in ww2 it was in civil war

  14. PoorlyDrawnFace


    Yil oldin

    Months after launch and players are literally begging dice for new maps.

    • PoorlyDrawnFace


      Yil oldin

      Firestorm was not as the community enteneded it to be and chapter 5 is slowed down because of chapter 4.

    • Hudhaifah Sayoury

      Hudhaifah Sayoury

      Yil oldin

      PoorlyDrawnFace this proves that bf5 gets a few amazing trailers this firestorm snd the chapter 4 and five pacific

  15. Multihp22


    Yil oldin

    Can wait for the soviets and real feeling of ww2. Can I imagine Stalingrad. Kursk and more? Oh God please

  16. Sebastian H

    Sebastian H

    Yil oldin

    Should I get it for $23. I’m not sure cause I feel I already have the experience through battlefield 1

  17. Ekin Tekdal

    Ekin Tekdal

    Yil oldin

    Please add soviet and italy map

  18. firefoXxX6969


    Yil oldin

    It’s exactly the same as bf1 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  19. mogz


    Yil oldin

    If they could Lancaster bombers i will start playing again

  20. luigi con

    luigi con

    Yil oldin

    Fake trailer no real in the game 😡

  21. tony freeman

    tony freeman

    Yil oldin

    Sort your servers out!!!! Get the basics right when up dating the bugs.

  22. S H

    S H

    Yil oldin

    So minor maps. I quit playing modern games.. nice graphic.. but thats it.

  23. lizhou lv

    lizhou lv

    Yil oldin

    For half a year, we are still playing with these maps.

  24. Brian Harrington

    Brian Harrington

    Yil oldin

    Fjell 652: infantry vs planes is a combat dynamic new to battlefield. Lupkow pass: am I a joke to you?

  25. Anthony A

    Anthony A

    Yil oldin

    I'm too stupid to play this game still, sorry Lmao

  26. monsterss 1998

    monsterss 1998

    Yil oldin

    i dont know why these fortnut players hates this legend

  27. Bautista Tenca

    Bautista Tenca

    Yil oldin

    Yeah yeah whos have hungry ?

  28. animaniacsrule


    Yil oldin

    No eastern front no buy sorry dice maybe making a world war 2 game about world war 2 would help

  29. Lukas H. P.

    Lukas H. P.

    Yil oldin

    we need Eastern Front!!!!

  30. SPxZe GeMiNi

    SPxZe GeMiNi

    Yil oldin


  31. Михаил Неупокоев

    Михаил Неупокоев

    Yil oldin

    I buy then be USSR

  32. Martin Killinger

    Martin Killinger

    Yil oldin

    This game would be so good if only the troops looked realistic

  33. Jesus is LORD777

    Jesus is LORD777

    Yil oldin

    I want a campaign where you play as a polish infantryman in 1939

  34. Francisco Fuica

    Francisco Fuica

    Yil oldin

    That's not panzerstorm

  35. geri redfox

    geri redfox

    2 yil oldin

    Macht doch wieder einen hardcore modus..

  36. Ajay sm

    Ajay sm

    2 yil oldin

    Why are you not giving tamil subtitles in this video

  37. Poot Poot

    Poot Poot

    2 yil oldin

    The maps are great and all. Truly great maps based on real life events. But we all need more maps. Maps based on real life as well. Maps with infamy history and I chose 3 maps that would be great for the game. A map I would love to see added to the game is attack on Pearl Harbor based map with navy ships everywhere and have mountable turrets fighting of Japanese planes. Another map I would love is Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki map with almost everything destroyed with radiation spots and many passage ways because of the debris left by the bombings. And now the last map I would definitely love added in the game is Normandy Landings aka D-Day map. Sure CoD has it in their ww2 game some might say it will be a straight copy of CoD if dice added the map but it’s really not a copy sense it happened in real life. Nothing is a copy of it happened in real life. Besides a ww2 based game would not be a ww2 game without Normandy Landings. So please dice. Add theses 3 maps because it will make me really happy. That’s not to say that the maps already at launch aren’t great, they’re fantastic but adding these maps would make the game better and it will make other fans happy as well. Especially me. Anyway those were my picks and I would love to see these map implemented on battlefield V in the future. (Edit) I have heard that Normandy Landings will be added as a tides of war map but really I want an online multiplayer version of Normandy Landings. It will add different ways to play Normandy Ladings with real players than bots.

  38. cursant


    2 yil oldin

    where train? ussr? kv-2 ? wtf? - battlefield 1942 FOREVER!

  39. Stalinosaurus


    2 yil oldin

    Why English soldiers why not Russians why not American why not french You're panzer storm map was inspired of the battle of hannut which was a franco-belgium-holland victory And you put English tank

  40. Eljonijoni 1

    Eljonijoni 1

    2 yil oldin

    Este va a aser mi primer juego que compre cuando compre mi exbox one x

  41. eslam abuo el-enien

    eslam abuo el-enien

    2 yil oldin

    looks good but why all the maps/battle in sunlight and look too vivid/colorfull as if it's a good day for a picnic

  42. Winder-SG-


    2 yil oldin

    I want trench battles!!!

  43. GAVIN Jara

    GAVIN Jara

    2 yil oldin

    1:31 saving private Ryan headass

  44. smen sir

    smen sir

    2 yil oldin

    Don t buy this carbage its full of cheaters without anti cheat total crap,don waste your money.

  45. Luka


    2 yil oldin

    Make d-Day please

  46. luke_ye_boyyy


    2 yil oldin

    Dunkirk map also does anybody recommend bfv?

  47. Ivan A P

    Ivan A P

    2 yil oldin

    Dlc maps

  48. Some guy from F I N L A N D

    Some guy from F I N L A N D

    2 yil oldin

    Why are hamada and twisted steel the only maps that i have gotten to play more than 10 minutes

  49. Sam Ruben J. Gangoso

    Sam Ruben J. Gangoso

    2 yil oldin

    0:41 that perfect timing on the luancher tho

  50. Jaradat Gamer

    Jaradat Gamer

    2 yil oldin

    garbage game

  51. Charlie Monteleone

    Charlie Monteleone

    2 yil oldin

    The graphics look outstanding

  52. Sub For me u idiot

    Sub For me u idiot

    2 yil oldin

    add more maps....

  53. Maxwell McClure

    Maxwell McClure

    2 yil oldin

    I hope they have one for Japan and D-Day

  54. Timo Eric van B

    Timo Eric van B

    2 yil oldin


  55. KoBur


    2 yil oldin

    I don't think D-Day will be here YET since this is just the start of ww2

  56. Jack & Cola

    Jack & Cola

    2 yil oldin

    1:29 jackson: parker get out !!!!

  57. AK87Berlin


    2 yil oldin

    I hope you bring a Berlin Map to BF5. Bought the game for 34€, very good price after a month after launch.

  58. ananias viper :3

    ananias viper :3

    2 yil oldin

    Where is russia?

  59. Subscribe


    2 yil oldin

    So these are the maps I’m getting with the game if I buy it?

  60. Nars N

    Nars N

    2 yil oldin

    لماذ كل المعارك بين الجيش البرطاني و الاماني فقط

  61. Dennis Wilson

    Dennis Wilson

    2 yil oldin

    I've been playing without my minimap or in game map because I can't figure out how to access them. Pressing the big button doesn't bring up my map, what gives?

  62. Bunker Bill

    Bunker Bill

    2 yil oldin

    Where is the company coin!!!!!!

  63. Dr. Jones

    Dr. Jones

    2 yil oldin

    Where are the bushes and items too add on the tanks?? You showed us in the first trailer...

  64. 。那个幽灵


    2 yil oldin

    asia battle plz

  65. khaos black ops

    khaos black ops

    2 yil oldin


  66. khaos black ops

    khaos black ops

    2 yil oldin

    Je suis français vous pourez rajouter des véhicule des tank etc...

  67. Sir Poggers IV

    Sir Poggers IV

    2 yil oldin

    Uh almost every new player that didnt play any single BF cant understand that this one is the best!

  68. Matt


    2 yil oldin

    If a map in Poland is not present in the game, I'm. Not buying SMD

  69. Wacky xx

    Wacky xx

    2 yil oldin

    Its sad you launch a game with 50% of the content missing , gamers dont like "coming soon" thing, anyways my friends got it for 60$ now ima get it for half of that. Just bc im a bf fan

  70. Баир Батуев

    Баир Батуев

    2 yil oldin

    Из-за Дэвида Сирланда решил отказаться от покупки данной игры. Был огорчен, что игру делают такие не профессианальные сотрудники, что ж ждать тогда от игры

  71. Gamerchubby pictures

    Gamerchubby pictures

    2 yil oldin

    1:28 was that the part in saving private Ryan where the guy gets shot by a tank?

  72. Sergio Sarkasian the desert diva

    Sergio Sarkasian the desert diva

    2 yil oldin

    At 1:30 R.I.P private Jackson. PAKER GET OOOOOUT

  73. Sergio Sarkasian the desert diva

    Sergio Sarkasian the desert diva

    2 yil oldin

    Battlefield is batter on ps4 everything is better on ps4

  74. truckersteve1973


    2 yil oldin

    You ruined Battlefield! And the whole winning Squad at the end of a match is fricken COD thing not BF!

  75. Maxim Knecht

    Maxim Knecht

    2 yil oldin

    Who wants to see a new battlefield vietnam or independence war ?

  76. KITSMIGALHA BR de Bittencourt Garcia

    KITSMIGALHA BR de Bittencourt Garcia

    2 yil oldin

    Spot please !!!!! Becouse Very, Very campers in the game ..😑😑😑😑😑

  77. Daniel Mariacher

    Daniel Mariacher

    2 yil oldin

    Hey ea or dice there is a bug where i unlocked my weapon but it still wont let me play it

  78. FALLOUT 4


    2 yil oldin

    Why do you have to pay for multiplayer when you make the dlc free?!!! Ahhh waste of money

  79. Best dxy

    Best dxy

    2 yil oldin

    although the viedo before made us upset,but battlefield5 is getting better

  80. king RAPTOR

    king RAPTOR

    2 yil oldin

    Battlefield V this game is very boring it worst parts of battlefield games, Do not lose your money for this battlefield V 👎👎👎👎👎

  81. えだまめ


    2 yil oldin


  82. Exotic Shots

    Exotic Shots

    2 yil oldin

    I have Battlefield V on Pc but I cant hear my squad mates. Can someone please help?

  83. Stefan Godilo

    Stefan Godilo

    2 yil oldin

    how is russia not here this is trash

  84. Simarabbit


    2 yil oldin

    I hope onestly some maps in Yugoslavia during the war between partisans & Germany

  85. OH NO OH GOD


    2 yil oldin

    Battlefield 5: about 9 maps... Battlefield 1: 32 MAPS

  86. Kiane


    2 yil oldin

    So they say this sold extremely poorly Battlefield 5 physical sales down more than half of Battlefield 1 . You reap what you sow I guess.

  87. Storm PT

    Storm PT

    2 yil oldin

    2:24, im having some flashbacks to something oh wait there a second, "...EAT LEG"

  88. Tiago Rodrigues

    Tiago Rodrigues

    2 yil oldin


  89. Free living

    Free living

    2 yil oldin

    Dice and Battlefield are amazing, EA is starting to ruin this title. Please DICE DO NOT let them ruin this title!!! After the terrible, agenda pushing reveal trailer, it was slightly redeemed with no premium!! But then at launch there is so much that isn’t available yet. DICE please do let EA ruin this title!!!!! Also a cool idea for a future Battlefield game would be BATTLEFIELD SPECIAL FORCES-Delta force, Seals, SAS, Spetsnaz, just a Battlefield based around special operations would be awesome!!!!!!!!

  90. shark red

    shark red

    2 yil oldin

    The game is 1000. It is defective and defective and failed I'm talking about the evaluation of the game I'm playing with it like a Rainbow and not a Battle

  91. Mr QuocViet

    Mr QuocViet

    2 yil oldin

    Who love COD WWII give me a like, who love BF V comment my comment, who love BF 1 give me a dislike

  92. CoreyStudios2000


    2 yil oldin

    I'm hoping that in a DLC, they will release maps set in Stalingrad, Moscow, Kursk, Sicily, Berlin, Normandy, and the Rhine

  93. Полина Глотова

    Полина Глотова

    2 yil oldin

    Hope bugs will be fixed next update, ı have not encountered this much bug in bf1

  94. Bacon_Brothers


    2 yil oldin

    make a d-day dlc

  95. Полина Глотова

    Полина Глотова

    2 yil oldin

    Check battle for france s last round, it doesn’t turn to enemies point to be taken, it just stucks

  96. Nivio Weschenfelder

    Nivio Weschenfelder

    2 yil oldin

    The new spot system is sucks.. Please, fix it.

  97. Artyom Chornyj

    Artyom Chornyj

    2 yil oldin

    Devs should bring the Multiplayer with Bots back there. We didn't see them for 10 Years.

  98. Pikaboo Channel

    Pikaboo Channel

    2 yil oldin

    Will there be a Soviet faction?

  99. Connor Nicholas

    Connor Nicholas

    2 yil oldin

    I’ve never been so aggressively uninterested in a game. 🤣

  100. Mummy Napkin

    Mummy Napkin

    2 yil oldin

    Same promise with battlefront 2, wouldn't be surprised if we get one new map a month after launch then another new map a year and a half later. Sounds familiar Battlefront fans?