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  1. Stalwart Spaghetti

    Stalwart Spaghetti

    4 soat oldin

    I wonder how many guns and maps this lame power fantasy cinematic cost us.

  2. Lumano 2008

    Lumano 2008

    4 soat oldin

    So nice

  3. nickthealmighty7 :D

    nickthealmighty7 :D

    4 soat oldin

    Coroner: I quit

  4. space_skeloton


    6 soat oldin

    Bro can we get canada

  5. dcpmootown


    6 soat oldin


  6. Dariusz Tanski

    Dariusz Tanski

    6 soat oldin

    Kocham was mam was gre wiencej taking gier a bedzie Battlefield6

  7. IG0516


    6 soat oldin

    I’m here before the BF6 reveal.... I’ll edit this comment it after happens. Was it good? Is it modern? Is Battlefield back? Idk what else

  8. Evin Muniz

    Evin Muniz

    7 soat oldin

    Why do people hate, this is realistic af

  9. Calvin Canada

    Calvin Canada

    7 soat oldin

    2:37 everyone knows the best weapon is a plunger

  10. 50 Blessings

    50 Blessings

    8 soat oldin

    They should make a battlefield game where it’s a war between North Korea and the U.S. that’d be badass

  11. Soumya Majumder

    Soumya Majumder

    10 soat oldin

    this graphics and meanwhile warzone gfx.

  12. bird with a hat

    bird with a hat

    11 soat oldin

    Man, its so cool how they managed to put almost all the maps that came out at launch into the trailer.

  13. The Kolibri

    The Kolibri

    12 soat oldin


  14. Roberto Castillo

    Roberto Castillo

    12 soat oldin

    No me importa que piense la gente del mundo pero para mi siempre este trailer sera el MEJOR DE TODOS

  15. Rasa Gaming

    Rasa Gaming

    14 soat oldin

    Best trailer i ever seen

  16. Крылов Александр

    Крылов Александр

    14 soat oldin


  17. AyMan XD

    AyMan XD

    15 soat oldin

    actually sad firestorm is dead, overtaken by warzone, i even see how many features warzone took from firestorm

  18. TopExoticCars


    16 soat oldin

    These past 3 years better be worth it for BF6..! 😤

  19. simon butler

    simon butler

    16 soat oldin

    Still my favourite reveal to date

  20. Couch Willy

    Couch Willy

    16 soat oldin

    Almost 5 years later this game still holds up. Absolute masterpiece

  21. ANDU


    16 soat oldin

    yeah you are late to the party EA



    17 soat oldin

    All jokes aside - this trailer is god damn awesome. Really brought back them memories first seing and experiencing previous titles. Time to go watch all trailer again I guess :p

  23. I’m a god damn onion Mason

    I’m a god damn onion Mason

    19 soat oldin

    How many of us are still playing Battlefield 1?

  24. JeFfRey _YounG

    JeFfRey _YounG

    20 soat oldin

    Respect all the soldiers in ww1 and 2

  25. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy

    20 soat oldin

    Man, I remember seeing this video think "That's it, we achieved photorealism in games, they wont ever look any better than this". Even though newer games look better, it wasn't the same as being absolutely blown away from watching this trailer

  26. Егор Кузин

    Егор Кузин

    21 soat oldin

    Call of Duty World at war: oh yeah!

  27. The horror Kid

    The horror Kid

    21 soat oldin

    Best bf5 trailer

  28. Cristian


    22 soat oldin

    Imagine carrier assault with 100 players

  29. Paradox


    22 soat oldin

    I'm confused why did so many people dislike this

  30. Soviet Blobfish

    Soviet Blobfish

    22 soat oldin

    Highly rccomend listening to Sabaton galipoli while playing this

  31. Jayden taanoa

    Jayden taanoa

    Kun oldin

    POV: this is not you're first time watching this

  32. Kang Emen Chanel

    Kang Emen Chanel

    Kun oldin

    the trailer is very good even though I haven't tried the game because my PC is potato :(

  33. Aidan Hawkes

    Aidan Hawkes

    Kun oldin

    In Another life to play it

  34. Parker Botes

    Parker Botes

    Kun oldin

    who else got really hopeful when they saw the landing boats that we COULD see a D-day map.

  35. Parker Botes

    Parker Botes

    Kun oldin

    thee BEST BFV trailer out there. Nothing else beat this one boys.

    • RyanCanLift


      21 soat oldin

      no doubt

  36. Baptiste Hra

    Baptiste Hra

    Kun oldin

    Coronavirus VS me : 2:38

  37. Le mie passioni Channel

    Le mie passioni Channel

    Kun oldin

    Ah, Downtown, the best vanilla map. Let's hope that ea will release a new hardline

  38. Can GERE

    Can GERE

    Kun oldin

    4:3:3 jon c,v

  39. Gummydalf


    Kun oldin


  40. Crazy Custard

    Crazy Custard

    Kun oldin

    Trailer: hell Real game: a nice stroll up the beach

  41. DaveyJones44


    Kun oldin

    Bring out an improved version of punkbuster andi will consider it

  42. Shadea


    Kun oldin

    Battlefield 1942 is still the best one ;)

  43. Dennis


    Kun oldin

    EA probably thought we were going to like this because he's a white male.

  44. Dennis


    Kun oldin

    Hardline is a game where customization would have actually worked. It's a shame EA didn't get it out of their system then.

  45. Tahater


    Kun oldin

    5 years and still the best. Masterpiece.

  46. HP_BadassBeni


    Kun oldin

    gänsehaut einfach nur wow haha dieser trailer so geil

  47. Nirzon


    Kun oldin

    It's been 4 years and we still come back to it once in a while. Masterpiece.

  48. FasTIC XD

    FasTIC XD

    Kun oldin

    Ту туту ту туту тууууууу

  49. James Patrick

    James Patrick

    Kun oldin

    They purged the studio. Anyone with thick hipster glasses or bright dyed hair was let go. "Thanks for your help on BFV.. but we don't need your input on further titles"



    Kun oldin


  51. Rahim Islam

    Rahim Islam

    Kun oldin

    Y’all are some incels and losers, imma little late to the party ik

  52. Jesson Raim

    Jesson Raim

    Kun oldin

    In the jungle a mighty jungle a lion sleeps tonight

  53. Irina Zdanova

    Irina Zdanova

    Kun oldin

    2:12 be like : Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar haircut 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  54. meatiest


    Kun oldin

    Enemy MG other side, use the canal and flank it!

  55. Asirry animation

    Asirry animation

    Kun oldin

    This is Russian soldiers 2:14

  56. The German Sturmmann

    The German Sturmmann

    Kun oldin

    Whoever made this never showed up for history class

  57. Bi ll

    Bi ll

    Kun oldin


  58. Mike Chou

    Mike Chou

    Kun oldin

    Comments section is pure cringe

  59. SmilingSquareMan


    Kun oldin

    When you doesn't play the game but you just love the trailer, yep is actually me

  60. Маленький рыцарь 123

    Маленький рыцарь 123

    Kun oldin

    Lol americans are incredible. Once again they managed to force the french out of the game. History rewriting specialists serving a disgusting agenda.

  61. WeightyLime7


    Kun oldin

    Lmao they had to make the reveal trailer age restricted so people couldn't roast them 😂

  62. Garrett Wilson

    Garrett Wilson

    Kun oldin

    0:18 flashbacks of bf3

  63. Gummydalf


    Kun oldin

    Real good with the music.

  64. Gummydalf


    Kun oldin


  65. Gummydalf


    Kun oldin

    41 .981

  66. Shane Hernandez

    Shane Hernandez

    Kun oldin

    I watch this trailer from time to time because it’s so good.

  67. Ian Armstrong

    Ian Armstrong

    Kun oldin

    Still a masterpiece like for real this whole sequence is art

  68. Merciless


    Kun oldin

    One of the best videogame trailers ever.

  69. meatiest


    Kun oldin

    BF6 better be this good... or better

  70. Iggy


    Kun oldin

    Imma tell my kid that this was dodge ball

  71. FailyPal


    Kun oldin

    My grampa was in the Vietnam war

  72. Kazakcanhragmertu.


    2 kun oldin

    Are the J-20 pilots on vacation or something?

  73. REBAZ s

    REBAZ s

    2 kun oldin


  74. Fluffy


    2 kun oldin

    me and the boys playing with nerf guns

  75. Daddy P

    Daddy P

    2 kun oldin

    God I hope battlefield goes back to Vietnam before I die

  76. JustTheReed


    2 kun oldin

    Def still the best game trailer of all time

  77. EnolaGay


    2 kun oldin

    The trailer is better than the game

  78. the PANTY RAID

    the PANTY RAID

    2 kun oldin

    BFV was the reason I went back to CoD 😔 but I’ll never forget how amazing this trailer was compared to IW. Best FPS trailer of all time